Is Captain Philips the Most Subversive Movie of the Year?

philipnot a review

By most measure, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity seems to have sucked in all the critical attention over the weekend, coming out as the top grossing movie and receiving oodles of praise for its low orbit odyssey and butt-clenching tension. Not that I would disagree, the movie rightly deserves its praise, but it’s unfortunate that the sweeping Sauronic eye of the internet media would pass over Paul Greenglass’s latest, Captain Philips (if these two top grossers hooked up, the lovechild would probably look something like Apollo 13). There were a few smattering of words written about the REAL taking of the Maersk Alabama, Barkhad Abdi’s premier performance, and the crew’s alternate set of facts about that fateful day, but in many respects it has already come and gone, another notch Tom Hanks’ lifetime achievement belt. Unfortunate, I say, because while Captain Philips so desperately wants to chart a straight course into feel good survival land, it can’t help but be boarded by the slants and distortions of its own contemporary vision.

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