Rust and Marty Enjoy Some KFC


The True Detectives Join the Colonel Club


RUST COHLE and MARTY HART are digging into the new KFC 18 Piece Family Special for $29.99. MARTY is eating quickly, rotating the drumstick as he bites off big chunks of chicken. RUST picks as his more gingerly, pulling off small bits of skin and meat with his fingers.

Bucket’s gonna go cold if you don’t pick up the pace.

It’s already gone cold, they just warm it up.

Told you we shoulda got burgers.

It’s all the same.

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The Captured Dogs (and Elephant) of War


In early Feburary a video was posted depicting men associated with the Taliban showing off their latest captive; a Belgian Malinois. The dog was supposedly taken hostage during a firefight in late December, a claim confirmed by a spokesman for the international military coalition in Afghanistan. The video is intended more as a propaganda piece than an extortion for ransom, made by a group grasping at whatever small victories it can attain. However, the video highlights a certain savviness among the Pashtun people holding the leash. The Washington Post article points out many Muslim men are wary of dogs, worrying having one around makes one unclean, and dog domestication is at its lowest per-capita in Middle Eastern countries (though that trend is beginning to change). In other words, there’s little reason for the dog’s captors to show the amount of respect they have to the animal. What they understand though is in the eyes of their enemy they have something much more valuable than your common stray dog. The canines of the post-9/11 military are not the same as Dickin Medal recipients of the past. They are tools, weapons, soldiers, and friends all wrapped into one, a battlefield asset meant to save lives but which can just as easily pluck at the heartstrings of any warm blooded human. This K9 Prisoner of War is not the first of its kind and almost certainly will not be the last.

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13 Pictures of Tech Chic Before The InterFace


posted 11/02/2048

It’s been ten years since the InterFace changed everything, forever. The simplicity and elegance of design combined with its swiss army knife combination of data and mobile functions has made the InterFace a device we can’t live without. The haptic trinity of muscle, bone, and surface-level mindplants were a giant leap ahead of the iffy skinplants which burned so many early adopters (literally!). Our modern concept of integrated computing has grown so much since its early days being cobbled together in garages and computer labs across the old tech sectors. What we take for granted today as tech chic was once derided as “wearable tech” and was met with open hostility by a confused and less enlightened people. Presented here are the ghosts of tech chic past, thirteen pictures which chronicle the industry’s hovercoaster ride to the present, in a format straight out of the twentytens; the listicle.

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