On Overwatch’s Staying Power


Overwatch is a good game. A mixture of Team Fortress 2, Street Fighter, DOTA, with a bit of Call of Duty¬†that hits an atmospheric sweet spot. It’s backed by a triple-A developer with a long term plan, and an adoring community that has latched on and not let go. The Overwatch community has grown by leaps and bounds, and still has new peaks to come. But I have a few niggling doubts about its form and presentation. Overwatch is great to play now, but internal structural issues could hollow out the player base over the next few years. What factors keep a FPS title going beyond its expiration date, like Team Fortress 2, or falling into obscurity after a bright but brief flicker, like Titanfall or Battleborn? Here’s some things to consider in whether Overwatch will be worth coming back to down the line.

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