150 Years of Forgetting About the Tenant LeaguePart 1, Part 2, Part 3 – Charting Prince Edward Island’s only major agrarian revolt.

A Glossary of Surveillance – A collection of terms and information on the surveillance state.


Duggers Magazine

Passion in sport: The life and career of Dr. William Stanish – Sep 2016

Shaped by the sea: Caldera whisky sails to worldly acclaim – Sep 2016

National Post

We Stand on Guard is like the War of 1812, but cooler – May 11, 2015

City hall guards helped Rob Ford cover his tracks when he was reportedly drunk at the office: ombudsman – Apr 30, 2015

Parents angry after neighbour’s complaint over naked four-year-old playing outside sparks RCMP visit – Apr 29, 2015

[VISUAL] Rescue on the Mountain – Stranded climbers plucked from Mount Everest after devastating avalanche – Apr 28, 2015

Japan’s Babymetal just wants to rock – Apr 24, 2015

‘Alice’ and ‘Arthur’ lead the pack as Royal baby name game heats up at U.K. bookmakers – Apr 23, 2015

[VISUAL] Italian police pull captain of sunken migrant ship from huddled survivors and charge him with homicide – Apr 21, 2015

Brain research at Toronto health centre gets $100M funding boost in federal budget – Apr 21, 2015

Digital scribes unlock all Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1876 for easily accessible online viewing – Apr 21, 2015

Canadian couple finds famed Molsen beer fridge from Sochi Olympics ads on remote island –  Apr 20, 2015

From starving birds to a maple syrup shortage: Four reasons to feel sorry for Easterners after their long winter – April 9, 2015

Man lugs a second-hand teal armchair across Canada and documents the whole journey – Apr 8, 2015

The truth behind ‘haunted’ houses? Toxic moulds can cause severe psychosis and hallucinations, researchers say – Apr 7, 2015


Bondage workshop teaches students the naughtier knots – Nov 27, 2014

Day of Action on the agenda at NSCAD student town hall – Nov 26, 2014

Bill 60 passes, but opposition vows change – Nov 21, 2014

Extra duty policing blurs public, private interests – Nov 19, 2014

Councillors mull improvements for crosswalks – Nov 18, 2014

Ethical end-of-life laws are possible, says Peter Singer – Nov 15, 2014

Electronic cigarette bill slowed by opposition – Nov 13, 2014

Garrison Brewery goes to the Klingons – Nov 6, 2014

HBO Watch

Translating Stephen King’s DARK TOWER to Screen – May 9, 2013

The Ugly Truth: What HBO’s Newsroom Can Do for Us – Jul 29, 2012

Who Really Has Claim to the Iron Throne? – Jul 16, 2012

Saako Vaal

The Best of PEI Critter Coverage – Mar 9, 2013

Trouble in the Dominion Building – Dec 19, 2012

Violence Against Women on PEI – Nov 3, 2012

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