If the internet is hell, complete with gleeful tormentors and the cacophony of a billion crying screams, then Reddit is a whole circle unto itself. A hollow place, now boiling over with karma coveters, bandwagoners, Enlightened Atheists, MRAs, and people who love niche community drama. A place where productivity and post-2000 web design has all but been forgotten. From among the seventy million unique visitors last month, the pulsating hivemind of some twenty million registered users (really more like two and a half k) picked out the most hated individual cells among them, and internet megaphone site Daily Dot assembled it into a top ten list¬†for the rest of us to enjoy. What became obvious after a read through wasn’t the list of offenses in particular, but what the offenses revealed about the sinners they embodied. By being elevated to status of The Worst and enshrined in a Top 10 list, each redditor metamorphosed into avatars of sorts, proverbial Saints to their particular Deadly Sin. With ancient theologian texts on hand, I carefully parsed their offenses and have been able to deduce exactly which realm of sin they now personify deep within belly of the hellmouth.

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