Languishing in Limbo


Recently REPRIEVE, a human rights organization, released a video starring Yasiin Bey AKA rapper Mos Def undergoing the force-feeding procedure used on detainees at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba. He doesn’t last long, but who can blame him. A lot of reports on the video made the connection to the late and stubborn Christopher Hitchens, who volunteered to be waterboarded, lasted 11 seconds, then summarily renounced the practice as torture. The point to REPRIEVE’s video is much the same; Put an individual of status through a practice and give the audience an unfiltered view of what occurs every day in our darkest of places. It’s a hard video to watch, and it should be. Current force-feeding procedures involve feeding a long tube through an individual’s nose, then down their esophagus into their stomach, where a kind of gel is secreted to provide the individual nutrients or medication. For further details see the National Post‘s excellent graphic (top image).

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